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Movie : Phuntroo (2016) Marathi| फुंतरु
Producer : Krishika Lulla
Director : Sujay S. Dahake
Star Cast : Ketaki Mategaonkar, Madan Deodhar,
 Shivraj Waikar, Shivani Rangole, Ruturaj Shinde, 
Anshuman Joshi and Rohit Nikam
Genre : Science, Fiction, Romantic, Comedy
Release Date : 11th March 2016
Country: India
Language: Marathi

Description:Ketaki Mategaonkar, Madan Deodhar starred Phuntroo is a Romantic, Comedy, science, fiction movie which mainly focuses the love story. The lead role players go through numerous situations of love and Romance throughout the film and finally get mingled. The tale of this celluloid terminates as usual showed in the movies of love stories.
Phuntroo , a science fiction love story is an upcoming movie of the Marathi industry. Marathi industry is now centering more over the romance and comedy and this film is one of them.  Sujay Dahake, the director of this film has dazzled the audience with his first debut film “Shaala”. The film got the silver lotus award at the 59th national film awards which amazed many. He is an editor , writer and the director too. When he was interviewed, he was asked why he chosen Marathi industry as his work field . Over this question, he replied that when he was studying in Philippines, he had Shaala novel with him and whatever he learnt he applied on that novel as his homework. He also said that if he was studying a French novel he would have made his debut in French movie

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